Learning Agenda

Tufts University leads the Learning Agenda, which builds and expands on what was learned in the USAID's prior ENGINE project and other relevant activities such as the Tufts-led Nutrition Innovation Lab (NIL) and AKLDP project. Learning activities will be designed to provide evidence on an on-going, timely basis to allow for improvements or adjustments in implementation of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive interventions, and inform the National Nutrition Programme (NNP) and ONE WASH National Programme (OWNP). Areas of focus will emphasize technical areas critical to achievement of Strategic Objectives (SO) and Intermediate Results (IR), as well as research priorities identified by Government of Ethiopia (GoE) partners and USAID.

The two main arms of the Learning Agenda are the support and carrying out of operational research and the dissemination of research and learning findings. Research activities may include but not be limited to, small operational research studies, M&E data assessments, qualitative studies, literature reviews, and small research grants to support local researchers and students. Tufts leads and implements operational research studies, provides technical support to partners implementing research and learning as part of their work plan, and provides technical oversight and support to small grant recipients. 

Managing the knowledge and learning generated through the project and disseminating it widely is an important part of the research and learning agenda. Tufts is responsible for the development of a project Knowledge Management (KM) system to ensure information is managed and shared quickly and broadly within the project and beyond. This website is one product of the KM arm of the Learning Agenda which will be integrated into government institutions such as EPHI and others, as appropriate, to ensure ownership and the sustainability of the KM process beyond the time frame of the project.

The Learning Agenda is implemented using a Learning Agenda Strategy and Knowledge Management Plan that were developed based on feedback from partners and stakeholders.

Growth through Nutrition Learning Event

Capacity building is an integral part of the Growth through Nutrition learning agenda strategy. Learning events serve as an opportunity to disseminate research findings as well as build capacity around research and learning among the research and learning communities in Ethiopia. Tufts will host a half-day learning event on Dec 14 at the Capital Hotel.  During this event,  two recent Ph.D. graduates sponsored by USAID ENGINE will present on their dissertation topics:

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