Project Learning Working Group Initiated

Integration of research, learning and knowledge management components into development projects is a current and growing trend which can be seen in the design of many of the new and continuing projects in Ethiopia. Through the recent research and learning landscape assessment conducted by Tufts University, several organizations that have begun incorporating learning and knowledge management components into their nutrition, WASH, and agriculture programs were identified. This common theme in program design presents an opportunity for collaboration among projects to share challenges, best practices, leverage resources and benefit from collective learning and practice. 

In order to promote this kind of close collaboration, Tufts is proposing the creation of a working group that will bring together project Learning Advisors/ Research Advisors/ Project Heads from organizations engaged in research and learning to meet regularly and discuss findings and experience from their different projects. In order to support the creation of a working group, Tufts has developed a Terms of Reference that can be accessed here.

The first meeting is planned for the last week of March. Further details will be provided in the coming weeks.

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