Growth Through Nutrition Partners attend International Nutrition and Food Industries Conference August 16-18 | Haile Resort, Hawassa

INFI Attendees

The International Nutrition and Food Industries Conference, organized by the Center of Excellence (CoE) for Human Nutrition at Hawassa University, was held August 16-18 and centered around the theme of Partnerships for Food/Nutrition Training and Sustainable Development.

The conference brought together 250 scholars and experts, both local and international, with the purpose of creating a forum for partnership and collaboration while simultaneously demonstrating the potential of the CoE for Human Nutrition at Hawassa University.

Panel discussions, presentations and networking events took place during the 2-day conference. Growth Through Nutrition partners participated in the poster presentation session during which researchers from various organizations presented their research to the participants, and attendees voted on research quality and potential for collaboration. Tufts University presented findings from two studies: “Improving Diet Diversity, Quality, and Equality: A Policy Brief on Diet Patterns in Ethiopia” as well as “Agriculture, Nutrition and Diet: Newer Perspectives: A Policy Brief on Household Decision-Making in Ethiopia”. The poster presentation from Jhpiego included briefings on findings from three studies titled:

  • Midwifery and nursing students’ nutrition competence in Ethiopia: A Cross-sectional Study
  • Are new agriculture graduates ready to support implementation of nutrition sensitive agriculture strategy? The Case of Ethiopian Higher Education
  • Preparing a nutrition-sensitive agriculture workforce at pre-service education level: The case of Feed the Future Growth through Nutrition Activity in Ethiopia

Both Tufts and Jhpiego received prizes for their poster pitches and placed 1st and 4th place, respectively. The winning poster presented by Tufts covered the importance of Household Decision-Making processes around production, consumption and commercialization in attaining pathways to better diet quality. Jhpiego also gave a presentation on its Growth through Nutrition pre-service education experience and took part in a panel discussion centered around “University-Partners Collaboration”. With the conference concluded, participants were taken on field visits to food industries, fish markets, and the College of Forestry.

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