Implications of COVID-19 on Nutrition: Lessons Learned from COVID-19, Practical and Innovative Approaches (Webinar)

The novel Coronavirus is imposing unprecedented health, nutrition, social, and economic risks to the global population. Although the number of COVID-19 cases is still rather low as compared to many other countries,  Ethiopia is also being affected with spread of the virus sharply increasing. If this spread continues, it has the potential to reverse some of the nutritional gains that the country has achieved in the last few years.

Joint efforts by key stakeholders to help support the Ethiopian government’s strong commitment to preparedness and response are critical to combating the epidemic. In light of this, Tufts University, in collaboration with Save the Children, is organizing a webinar that will bring together representatives from government, civil society, academia, research, private and development partners to discuss lessons learned, practical and innovative approaches addressing COVID-19 challenges, and different sectors’ adaptation and response plans. The webinar will also hope to highlight recommendations to address the current and future epidemic in hopes of minimizing its negative impact on nutrition.

Panelists from a variety of professional academic and professional backgrounds will address key questions (as seen below) and will follow with a question and answer session with the audience:

  1. What do you think will be the potential impact of COVID on nutrition in Ethiopia?
  2. What are some of the lessons learned from COVID (globally or locally) that are relevant for the nutrition situation in Ethiopia?
  3. What role does {your sector} play in COVID preparedness and response, and are there opportunities to expand that role?
  4. How have you adapted your program/activities to better prepare and respond to the epidemic?
  5. Can you share any practical and innovative approaches to COVID preparedness and response that are being implemented in other countries that can be adapted to the local context?
  6. Based on the lessons learned so far, what are some of your recommendations to address the current and future epidemics to minimize the negative impacts on nutrition?


August 2020 (TBD)
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Open to Public
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